June 09, 2014

I have an 11 Week old English Mastiff, she developed Staph and Yeast infection and after two Weeks on an antibiotic she really isn't too much better. She does wag her tail and she takes normal bowel movements, but her mouth is really swollen and bleeds and her ears are very red with bubble like things and are still swollen. Please help me. I do not want to lose her and the vet informs me that the staph is in the ground at our new house. I am needing something to create a healthy body environment for her. What should I be giving her? I would appreciate if at all possible that you would respond quickly. Thank you so much

Cinde, Loveland, TX

Hi Cinde,
From what you describe, I would suspect an autoimmune disease. I would put the pup on some Prednisone or give her a big dose (.5mg per pound) of dexamethazone phosphate. The dose should give her an obvious improvement if it is autoimmune. Please discuss this with your vet, and get back to me if you do this....Good luck.

Charles Kruger DVM