I have a 19 month old spayed female Pembroke Welsh Corgi that has been diagnosed with
fibrosing septal pannicuhtis. Diagnosis was by pathology examination of punch biopsies. Any thoughts or suggestions on what course of treatment to pursue?

Kenneth E., Amherst, NH


Hi Ken,
I would assume you have her on some steroids at the present time. That is the treatment I would pursue for the time being. I am not a dermatologist but if you are interested in more info contact Danny Scott at Cornell Vet College. I would also suggest you put her on some of my Healthy skin and coat Dog Supplement. We have seen a great number of skin conditions improve a great deal with it. There are ingredients in then supplement unavailable in most supplements. If you don’t like it, we do refund your money. Hope I have been of help to you.

Charles Kruger DVM

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