My eleven year old Doberman bitch has diabetes which has been difficult to control lately. She seems to be controlled the last few days. She also has some type of degenerative spine disease which causes her to be very sick, especially in the hindquarters and she falls a lot. Because of her age and diabetes we have not done a mylegram or other more specific tests for her spine disease.

She has had chiropractic and acupuncture which seems to help some. I am interested in a
formulation which might help her. I have heard that glucosamine is contraindicated for diabetic dogs. Is this true? What formulation would you recommend for her?

Barbara B., Bass Harbor, ME


Hi Barbara,
I would not be surprised if your bitch did not have an unstable cervical vertebra. This is quite common in Dobes. It is a very serious condition that may or may not respond to medication. We have several dobes on my Healthy Joint formula (anti-inflammatory) and the reports are as good as any with this condition. Glucosamine is ok to use in diabetic dogs. The body has no way of converting the product to glucose...so it remains in the amine form.
Hope this answers your questions.

Charles Kruger DVM

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