Hi. I have a dog I imported on your supplement. lt is the skin and coat one. It is the first thing I did when I brought him over from New Zealand on Nov.8, 2000. It was summer down there so he blew his coat in Jan of 2001. He never got any undercoat with that blow. Now here it is April and he is blowing again. When I told everyone at the show in Memphis about it they immediately said " Put him on Kruger's supplement. " I told them that he already was. I have no idea how bad he'd look without your supplement. I shudder to think. Ihave 4 others on it and they are all doing fine. D0 you have any suggestions as to what I could do to help him?
Caroline L, AR


Hi Carol,
Nice to hear from you. . I would just keep using the supplement. The supplement has other growth factors in particularly the show formula. These dogs that change climates do have a difficult time getting on the new schedule. I would not worry, as I am sure he will adjust. I'm not sure about you but I would love to see a picture if you can send one E-Mail. Hope to see you soon...

Charles Kruger DVM X
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