June 09, 2014

My dog is a healthy dog and normal very playful. Her shots are up to date. This morning she. woke up vomiting a clear foamy liquid. The first time she had grass in it. I called her vet and they told me to watch her. But l am worried. And would like to know if something serious maybe going on. The only other symptom is she is whining right before she vomits and she is laying around today. She's not warm. I'm not sure about a temperature
Shanna S., Charlotte, NC


Hi Shanna,
I would take her temperature, and check to see she is having bowel movements. She may just have some irritation in her stomach from eating some foreign substance. Do not feed her if she still keeps vomiting. Sometimes, We withhold food for 2 days. Don’t worry about her not eating. Give her ice cubes to lick for a source of water. If the vomiting continues several times during the day, take her to your vet. Hope this has been some help to you.

Charles Kruger DVM