Our 12 yr old lab has developed what the vet is calling inflammatory bowel disease. His main symptom is vomiting after eating. Other than that he appears the same as always. I have tried feeding lots of different foods and he is on antacids. I‘m not sure if this is the right treatment. Have you had any experience with your supplement and this type of problem? Thanks-
Cheryl L., Charleston, SC


Hi Cheryl,
It sounds like you need some further work up on this case...Stornach X-rays, possibly with bariurn...Intestinal biopsy for a definitive diagnosis, Blood screen, and put the dog on hypoallergenic diet. Perhaps Purina-CNM-EM an intestinal diet, or the CNM-HA for food allergies. Definitely the dog needs Ranetidine for the stomach acid...that’s Zantac....The Every day health supplement has helped many animals with this condition...it takes a while..a month perhaps...The conventional treatment is with Prednisolone and perhaps should be tried before anything is done....Please keep me informed so I can help further.
Charles Kruger DVM

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