I recently purchased the healthy skin supplement at the Dog Expo in Pomona. I have a 14 month old Saint Bernard Who I believe is allergic to cornmeal. I took him to the vet , changed his food and they put him on antibiotic, but it didn't help. He is losing hair on his tail, butt and ears, also behind his front legs, legs and under his tummy are really red and irritated. He is also constantly scratching. Help please l don't know what to do.
Diane, Riverside, CA


Hi Diane,
First you must realize this is NOT a medication...Second it is not a miracle cure-all. Third, you have only had your dog on the supplement a must use this type of product for at least a month maybe up to 3 months. This type of supplement is meant to change the chemistry, if you Will, of the body and help regulate the immune system...this takes time...How long did it take this condition to develop? I suspect your dog has multiple allergies. I would suggest you have an allergy screen done. It will check for 150 different allergens. Have his serum cortisol and estrogen checked. Also, he may be low in cortisol. Please give me this information and we can go on from there.....hope this helps you.

Charles Kruger DVMX
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