Dear Dr. Kruger,
My male German Wirehaired Pointer suffers from a chronic yeast infection in his left ear. My vet has prescribed Benadryl to ease the itching along with drops. Unfortunately I cannot tell if either is working because he never complains. I do pull the hair from his ears as I understand that leaving the hair intact can contribute to infection. My vet seems to think he will always suffer from this infection. I don't feel comfortable giving him Benadryl ( or any other drug) everyday! Can you suggest any supplements or diet that may ease the infection? Could there be an underlying medical issue which is causes the yeast infection? Iam at the end of my rope, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Michelle T., Providence, RI


Hi Michelle,

The yeast infection you refer to should be curable Have you tried OTOMAX? If so did you put a lot of medication in the ears for 2 weeks? If not go to the vet and ask for this medication...use lots of it....Yeast infections are in part due to a poor immune system. This allows the yeast to grow... and it will continue for a long time. I feel that it would be advantageous for you to get some of my Everyday Health formula and put your dog on it. It will help, support the immune system and we have had cases of Yeast infections clear up. It will help with the overall health of your dog too.X
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