June 09, 2014

Dear Dr. Kruger,
I have a beautiful 2yr old male gsd. I have been to a couple of vets in attempt to get an accurate diagnosis. At first they dismissed his being so thin as the breed then finally after I was insistent they did a stool sample and determined that Sam does indeed have a pancreatic condition. Months later and several different medications Sam’s weight has fluctuated between 68#to 93#. I have been advised that he requires this medication for the rest of his life. If that is that he will have it, but I am trying to make an effort to research all the options to see if something else might Work better, or possibly some kind of combinations with special diet etc. Also I have noticed that Sam’s stool is solid for approximately the first half of the movement and gets softer progressively almost to the point of diarrhea. I hope I have given a thorough description of his symptoms.
James H., Bothell, WA
P.S. thank you very much and could you also help me out on choosing some of the various dry foods on the market. Sam is currently on a mix of Nutro, Pedigree, cottage cheese. bread, and left over rice


Hi James,
This is a very common problem with GSDs. Most of these dogs require additional enzymes for their entire lives. I have used my high performance formula along with Vioces for a month or so then have dropped the Viocase....two out of three times the supplement alone has kept the dog healthy....so if you want to try this program I feel it may well be worth While. Even if you do need to continue with the Viocase, the supplement will keep the dog in good shape. These deficiencies can be devastating on the dogs overall health...as you know. So, give this a try and let me know how the dog is doing. You may call me on the phone if you need further to discuss this.

Charles Kruger DVMX