June 09, 2014

Hi: I have a 7 year old German Shepherd Ranger. He has been vomiting in the moming for the last six months. The Vomit is yellowish green fluid. I asked my vet they said his meals may to far apart. And to feed him snacks at night. I feed him around 7 am and 3 pm. His food is dry with a little chicken & broth. He doesn’t get sick every day, he seems to burp more. I would appreciate any help you may have for me. THANK YOU!
Gail B., Maple Valley WA


Hi Gail,
I think your vet is correct...give him a handful of dog biscuits at your bedtime. There seems to be some backup of digestive fluids...perhaps of bacterial origin...I Would get some of the High Performance supplement and give him some With each meal...I think you will be pleased With the results.
Chuck Kruger DVM