It has been 4 Weeks since we have Written you. Per your advice We had Frankie take a tick panel and had her checked for immune mediated diseases, both tests have also come up negative. As you suggested We put her on 20 mg of prednisone for two Weeks and then put her on 10 mg for two Weeks, she is much better than she Was, she is eating and Walking on her own. She is not as good as she Was before ,her back legs still seem Weak, and she cannot climb stairs. However she is trotting and not running and seems better then When we spoke to you 4 Weeks ago, she could hardly Walk or stand on her own. She is a small corgi and only weighs 20 lbs. You suggested We Write back to you in four Weeks if she got better and you Were going to suggest other things and also a new prednisone dosage. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us.
Thank you again ,
Jerry, Diana, and most of all Frankie.


I am glad to hear Frankie is doing better...Now cut the Pred to 5 mgm per day for two more weeks...The muscles of her hind legs have obviously atrophied some and it Will take weeks or months to get back to almost normal,...give her time...good luck.
Charles Kruger DVM

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