Doctor Kruger, thank you so much for responding to me. I am in tears as I type this...yes this little guy seems to be sick and I am on the third vet... no one seems to be able to find out exactly what his problem is...I will try to briefly give you the history. I adopted him from humane soc . He was in a puppy mill“. he is an applehead chi (4 years old) they told me he was eating kibbles and bits but he did not tolerate it well at home he would throw up about an hour later so we tried umteen things nutro, science diet, wet foods, kibbles/bits, ukanuba, he would vomit four out of seven days...only holding it down for about three days a week...about a month later he began with a horrible cough...took him to a vet (second in a month...first said he is a "do g") and he was diagnosed with kennel cough, but also found he had a lot of fluid in lungs and an enlarged heart...he was put on "cough tabs" 1/2, 3 times a day & 1/2 tab enecard each day...and then hycodan 1/4 each day also....he "hates" the medication will actually throw up the cough tabs. I have tried every possible way to get him to take them including dissolving and squirting down his throat...he is also being monitored for heart worm but tested negative twice now and on prevention during this monitor (6 month) period... it took over a month for the coughing to.
subside and then it starts again every two weeks...he is "very sick“ again as I type...and taking enacard every day for the past four months and I am now giving him 1/4 tablet of hycodan 2 times a day (left over from Feb) to stop the cough... it works for about three hours and he coughs (eight solid hours at a time even while laying down and resting) and gags constantly bnngs up a white foamy phlegm...he does wheeze and again he hasn't eaten anything again for about 36 h and his e es are watering....he is acting very weak. I still have not figured out what to feed he was eating chicken and rice (cooked people food) but now we are back to go with diet.

he will not eat When he is coughing. I am going to try to get him to a vet again in the morning but so far I feel I have just Wasted my time and a "great deal" of money....I was hoping your product would be a wonder drug and would help him. I am at my wits end... I don't want to destroy him because I am so attached to him butI can't afford expensive tests and surgeries... my goodness I can't even get him to take a pill or a dose of medicine in a dropper... he somehow knows it is coming and he refuses to eat any kind of a snack he has spit every pill that he has suspected out or literally slings it out of his mouth or vomits it up... I am so frustrated and my heart aches because other then this constant battle with meds and food he is a beautiful lil guy and is so loving and sweet... he deserves a chance but I am afraid thatI do not have the resources to give it to him... I know this is much more than you bargained for when you answered me...but if I can get Buddy well with your products, I will do all I can to see that they are available in this area for others facing situations like this (I feel so helpless and hopeless at this time)... and Doctor Kruger I am not just saying this... I mean it from the bottom of my heart.... ANYTHING you can suggest I will try (if I have the means)... thank you so much for reading this "book"... I am just lost here
Joan G. Wilmington , DE


Hi again Jonie,

You are truly faced with a difficult dilemma. The hycodsan can be irritating to the stomach, however that fits into the vomiting pattern...If there are leaking valves in the heart there can be lung congestion and thus the bronchial problems. That should be checked when the dog is not coughing. The other thing is that with a lot of vomiting the dog may be inhaling some of the vomitus thus keeping the cough going. There is also a chance there are several things going on. I will say I do not think my supplement is the answer. If only you had the means of taking him to a veterinary intemal medicine specialist or the nearest Veterinary College. Without spending some money, I don’t think the outcome will be very good. I am truly sorry you don’t live in my area, as I really need to see the dog to make a diagnosis. Good luck with the little guy and he is lucky to be with such a caring person as yourself. Good luck with your case and please let me know how things are coming along. My best personal regards to you Jonie. I will say a prayer for your little guy...and you...

Charles Kruger DVMX
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