Dr. Kruger,
I just found a stray dog. Her teeth are rotten and I can't afford the dental care from the vet. Any ideas? She also hates dog food. Only wants to eat cat food. Should I let her?

Whitney, Turlock, CA


Hi Whitney,

I would suggest you mix some cat food in with the dog food and see if she will eat a combination. Add the dog food to the cat food little by Little over a period of 10 days. For her teeth try to give her some hard bones (milk bone) and rub them With moist cat food before you give them to her. Rawhide chews are also good to clean teeth. Maybe she would chew on them. You can also rinse her mouth outwith human mouth wash each day...this will reduce the bacteria in her mouth, they are what causes the problem in the first place...Hope this helps you.

Charles Kruger DVMX
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