June 09, 2014

Dr Kruger,

My dog is 8 years old and mixed breed I am concem with the problem that he has developed the last few months. His feet are swollen and bleeding the last vet says he has allergies but they couldn't tell what he’s allergic to, they changed his diet several times.

Charlie .I., Ionesboro, GA


Hi Charlie,

If your dog is allergic to some food go to your vet and tell him you Want to get some Purina, CNM-HA...it is a very good hypoallergenic diet. I suspect however there may be more than allergies involved....I would think an autoimmune problem may exist. If you were my patient, I would do a biopsy on the lesions on the foot. This would tell exactly what is going on. If l did not do the biopsy, I would treat with an antibiotic Cephalaxin and Prednisone and see if improvement is accomplished. Please let me know what your vet thinks of my treatment.....Hope
this helps.

Charles Kruger DVM