June 09, 2014

Hello out there,

My dog has recently tested positive for antibodies for the tick-born illness, eurlichia. He just started an antibiotic yesterday, Doxycyclineg 100mg twice daily. I am concerned with his health and want to ensure that the antibiotic doesn't compromise his immune system or strip out all of the good bacteria.

Is there a probiotic you would recommend for him while on this drug, or for after treatment? I am a naturalist and believe in holistic treatments. I realized that it was important for him to take the antibiotic. What can I do now for him? (FYI, Blue (the dog) appears to be healthy, showing no signs of the illness, very active and eats well!)

Chrisitina G., Pawleys' Island, SC


Hi Christina,

How sad your dog has E. It will certainly be a wise idea to support the immune system. My Everyday Health supplement is an ideal product for these dogs with tick borne diseases. It is important to treat your dog with the doXi...you really don’t have another choice, but you can help all the systems of the body with my supplement. Good luck with the treatment.

Charles Kruger DVMX