June 09, 2014

Hello Dr. Kruger,

Spoke with Scootie a few weeks ago and she suggested giving Alpha, (GSD from Jedi), High Performance formula. I am presently giving him your Senior Formula. Is there any negative effects of giving him both products? My mission is to prevent twist and bloat and to give him the very best chance of living along and healthy life. I also give him some vitamin C (a little) and E (one 400 i.u.) With his food. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Frank K., Carlsbad, CA


Hi Frank,

Scootie mentioned to me this past weekend she had spoken to you. My product has plenty of the live bacteria in it BUT if you Wish it will not hurt to give the High Performance... My formula was created so people would not have to give any other is the only supplement on the market that is all inclusive...Good luck with your dog.

Charles Kruger DVM