Dear Dr. Kruger,

We got a new puppy a St. Bernard, it is 12-week old. We would like to ask you if we should use the Pregnancy and Puppy Formula, and for what time of period? To prevent the Puppy, elbow and hip dysplasia, can we add each feeding the Healthy Joint formula. We think because of the ingredients Glucosamine and Chondroitin, that might be an idea. We also have an older dog 9-jear old, and use Healthy Joint with a very good result!
With best Regards

Sonja G. L., Teufen Switzerland


Hello Sonja,

I would feed both the Puppy formula and the Healthy Joint formula to your puppy. It won't give him too many vitamins and minerals. This way he will have the protection of the joints and the benefits of all the other ingredients. Hip and elbow Dysplasia are hereditary diseases so you can not depend on any supplement totally preventing these diseases. I have raised German Shepherd Dogs for 44 years and have a lot of experience With HD and ED. So, please don’t expect total protection from these diseases. Good luck With your new puppy.

Charles Kruger DVM

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