I have an 8 year old GSD, who was diagnosed with synovial cell cancer Sept. 2000, months prior to that seeing several veterinarians, including head of oncology at UC Davis, no one could confirm a diagnosis. Anyways I am still not convinced of the diagnosis, which came via Dr. Ray Poole of Mississippi State after films, slides etc were sent to him for consolation by Dr. Cliff Gravem. She has improved so much over the past 3-4 months; Dr. Gravem is shaking his head and beginning to question, asking if she may be in remission or perhaps an error in diagnosis.

Anyway bottom line is I have had her on my own regimen of supplements, I would like to know which if any of the various things I am using should be used with the anti-inflammatory formula. If some would be more beneficial that others, what are your suggestions? I see slow steady progress, she isn't in as much pain as she was previously (which was so bad, I came very close to euthanasia) she limps slightly, hops on three legs occasionally, particularly at the end of the day. She is OFA hips and elbows, and in good health and condition except for the problem she has had these past 13 months, initially thinking it was soft tissue injury, then it progressed to severe pain, muscle atrophy etc. She is in really good health except for whatever has caused this problem, always a good appetite, bright eyed, bushy tailed, etc., her appearance is that of a dog 5-6 years old except for the limp. The only medication she is presently on is sucralfate given 2 hours before keteprofen 12.5mg, occasionally given 25 mg. if pain is more severe, given once a day. I have tried weaning her off, she can go two days, but by the third day she is having more pain and it takes a couple of doses to get her back in the comfort zone. She is being fed Innova senior, oatmeal, rice, eggs, ground beef or chicken, with these additions; 1/2 Centrum silver tablet, 1 400IU vit. E, 1 capsule Echinacea (given 3 out of 4 weeks) scant 1/4 tsp. I-flex (95% oral grade chondroitin sulfate powder) I tblspn. apple cider vinegar,1 biofavinoid table 1000rng., 1 MSM capsule, 2 Fresh factor tabs (Springtime, inc. they contain Yeast culture 400mg per tab, liver 215mg per tab, Bee pollen, 215 per tab, Chrondroitin Sulfate 200mg per tab. kelp 90 rng.per tab, Biotin, 700 mcg per tablet. After reading this I realize it may sound like overkill, but she is doing better, and she no linger needs narcotic pain killers. She had been on Torbutrol for several weeks, perhaps a couple of months I would appreciate your input. I realize I can't expect a diagnosis via e-mail, but I want to be sure of the correct balance of any supplements, and wish to know if the anti- inflammatory is sufficient with out any of the other things I have been using, or perhaps continue to use some of them along with the formula you provide. Thanks in advance Chuck.

Beryl E., Davis, CA


Hi Beryl,

Boy you really have your hands full...Lets hope the diagnosis is does happen. I GUESS if she were mine, I Would give her a double dose of the Healthy Joint formula and some of the Senior Health formula. This should allow you to drop the other supplements. I would add the bioflavinoid tablet and some more Vit. E...4OO rngms It is also safe to give another 100 mgm glucosamine and 600 mgm chondroitin in daily...use a split dose for all needs. Good luck Beryl. Please keep me posted.

Chuck Kruger DVMX
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