June 09, 2014

My 3 Shih Tzus (4, 13 and 14) have been using the supplement for 4+ months. I have been using the High Performance formula that I got through my sister, who is a breeder. All of my dogs have shown tremendous improvement in various areas (coat, energy, digestion). As a matter of fact, the 14 year old just had surgery to remove a tumor and was racing around 2 days later. My 13 year old gets lame and I suspect she has arthritis. If I were to purchase the Healthy Joint formula, would it be safe to feed it to the other 2 even though they don't have any apparent problems with arthritis? I would prefer not to have to buy 2 different formulas since it is expensive (but well worth the money). Please advise.

Terri M., Framingharn, MA


Hi Terri,

I am very happy that you like my supplement. In this case I would add the Healthy Joint to the other formula you are feeding. They are quite different ingredients. Get a small jar of the Healthy Joint and try that in combination. See if that works. Hope this info helps you and your dogs.

Chuck Kruger DVM