Dr Kruger:

Our 18 month old pure German bloodline Shepherd of which his father holds the titles of SchH3 Kkl OFA, and of course showing was considered when purchasing our dog "Karsten" and as such we did not spare any expense on him. However we have a diarrhea problem with him and really don't know if all blood work and biopsy is necessary to correct or try to correct the problem, so I'm in search for some help. We have given him blood test and it was sent to Comell which a normal dogs enzymes is 5-25 and Karstens came back 5.4 so because he is on the low end of normal our vet put him on Pancrezyme: tablets twice a day. Well that seamed to help very little and the diarrhea was progressing to water. So I then called the vet again and said this is not working, he then advised to up his tablets to 4 crushed in his food and let sit for 20min. This has seemed to help along with the rice I am giving him at every meal. Do you think your supplement can help end this nightmare and if so which one? His stool just spews out like water and I'm at my wits end. Please advise ASAP so that if needed I can order. Also do you think that this should be told to the breeder? Thanks so much.....

Trisa B., Vestal, NY


Hi Trisa,

There are many dogs in this country with the same story as yours. My Everyday Health supplement has been of great help to them. I can only say give it a try...you may use up to a double dose if you need to. Please let me know how this works out for you.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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