I have been using your Healthy Joint Formula for one of my dogs (Old English Sheepdog) who is 11 years old. She appears to be doing well and is now more active and alert since I started using your product. She does not have hip dysplasia. However, I feel your formula has helped her muscle tone and overall well being. I have started to use the same formula for my 7 year old OBS with severe hip dysplasia. She was diagnosed with I-ID at 5 months of age. (Incidentally, she is out of an OFA certified "excellent" dam and an OFA certified "good" sire.) She has had a series of Adequan shots and currently receives a "booster" shot of Adequan every 6 months. I also give her Glucosamine (500 mg., twice a day), Glyco-Flex‘, Vitamin C (500 mg., twice a day) and 400 IU of Vitamin E plus her dog food (Nutro Senior Formula) has Glucosamine & Chrondroitin in it. My question is .....now that I've added your Healthy Joint Formula to her diet (1 heaping teaspoon each morning and evening with her food) should I decrease the amount of Glyco-Flex and Glucosamine thatl am currently giving her. I don't Want to "overdo" the supplementation, however I also want her to keep functioning well. She does VERY Well presently...no lameness and is active, with some limitations. Can you please advise.

Carol C.


Hi Carol:

I would give the Healthy Joint formula for about two Weeks then gradually reduce the other products....It may be that you will be able to have her only on the H/J supplement, and save yourself some money. Reduce them over a period of 3 weeks. Be sure to give 1 heaping tsp. per cup of food. You may use up to double the dose of the H/J formula. I hope this info helps you and your dogs.....

Chuck Kruger DVM

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