Hello, Dr. Kruger:

I have some questions about the supplement before I place an order. I have an 18 month-old Saint Bernard. She has been having some problems with intermittent diarrhea. She may indeed have a food allergy, although I have put her on California Natural which has only chicken, brown rice, flaxseed, and vitamins. I am thinking it may be the chicken, but I'm not certain. Possible allergies are so difficult to determine. Anyway, the Everyday Health supplement does sound like something I'd like her to try to see if her periodic diarrhea episodes will subside, but I would like to know if you believe anything in the product to be potentially allergenic. I would also order the Healthy Joint formula as she is a large breed, however, I'd like to know if that formula would still have the benefits of helping to prevent bloat. (She has not had that problem yet, but I am aware of the pre-disposition of the breed.) I would greatly appreciate any advice you may give me, and I thank you for your time.

Melinda B., NM


Hi Melinda,

Nice hearing from you. We have had 1% of the product returned because a dog could not tolerate it...They vomit within a few minutes or get diarrhea in a few hours. We fully guarantee the product and if your dog reacts, you get your money back. Allergies are strange things and a dog can be allergic to most anything, but our experience is that only 1% are allergic to anything in the supplement. If you want to be sure of the Bloat protection and the anti-inflammatory affect for a large breed, you should give 1 teaspoon of the anti, and 2/3 rd teaspoon of the Everyday Health supplement. A combination is necessary...that dose is of course per cup‘ of food. best luck.

Chuck Kruger DVM

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