June 10, 2014

Thank you for your reply. The only problem I could see with giving my Saint the Everyday Health dog formula, in addition to the Healthy Joint formula, is that I wouldn't necessarily need her to grow a more dense coat. We live in Northern New Mexico, and while the winters are quite cold, July and August may have a few days of temps in the high 80‘s. Would that be a concem with the fuller double coat? Again, I appreciate the intestinal health factor with regard to bloat the Everyday Health formula would provide, but I have just the one question. Thank you very much.

Melinda B., NM


Hi Melinda,

I don’t think the coat will be too know the purpose of a double coat is to keep the dog warm, BUT it is also to insulate the dog against the heat! !! ! You will need the Everyday Health supplement to have the proper amount of intestinal protection. Hope this answers your question.

Chuck Kruger DVMX