I have been searching for your e-mail address on and off for years and found your site today by accident. Well, maybe it wasn't an accident! My 10 year old Corgi girl has arthritis in left hip and has been on Rimadyl for 3 years. Want to get her off this poison but all efforts to do so have failed. Tried glucosamine & chondroitin, aspirin, cod liver oil. Switched to Eukanuba Sr. and it with the R. has made a big difference. She is hardly lame at all. But I am switching to Flint River Ranch food. No g & s included. Would your supplement help? Or, what would you suggest? Would love to catch up with you after all these years. If you will e-mail me your phone #, I will call you if you will tell me a good time. Or you could call me -***-***-****. We are in Hilton Head Island SC. No Shepherds for years but Corgis for many. PLEASE let me hear from you.

Barbara S., Hilton Head Island, SC



Barb I cant believe its you...I cant tell you how many times you come to mind...Strangely just 3 days ago...and presto...your here...I Will give you my number and YES we must talk. Judy Zimmerman Hart lives in Knoxville, just sent her a message this I will send you her e-mail... My Healthy Joint product would be great for you bitch. Give it a try ...I am very busy this minute but my best to all??? Is your kid still at home? I‘ll call you! !

Chuck Kruger DVMX
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