Dear Dr Kruger,

I just had a diagnosis of pancreatic insufficiency given to one of my bitches. I've asked a lot of questions, of course, about this disease and have been told by many breeders to use your supplement as well as the Viokase-V my vet prescribed. Can you explain how this supplement will help my bitch in addition to the Viokase?

Gina O.


Hi Gina,

The Everyday Health Supplement, contains plant enzymes, these do not interfere with the dogs own production of pancreatic enzymes. So the dog can still help out with the digestive process. When a dog has pancreatic insufficiency, he do g does not have proper nutrition. This leads to other problems arising from the malnourished tissues. Often not visible to the eye.... The EH will help keep these tissues in good condition and will help with the repair of damaged tissues. Many people are having great results with the EH. I would recommend you to use both the EH and Viokase for a while, say two weeks....then gradually reduce the amount of Viokase, and over a period of two weeks wean the dog off the Viokase. You can use double the recommended dose of Everyday Health Supplement with only benefits. These cases are each a little different. I think if you experiment around with the dose of Everyday Health Supplement, you will find the right one. Not all dogs can be taken off Viokase completely. You will have to determine that. If you have further questions down the line please let me know. If the EH Supplement works to your satisfaction, please let your vet know, maybe he would like to carry some!!! My best,

Chuck Kruger DVM

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