June 10, 2014

I have a toy chihuahua who will be a year old on 9/9 and since I haven't had this breed in over twelve years, I'm wondering about what is alright to feed her. When I got her she was already eating dry dog food so I have kept her on it with an occasional can of Mighty Dog mixed in With it. My question is, is it okay to allow her to eat table scraps. She loves carrots and green beans and mashed potatoes but I'm wondering if feeding that to her is alright. We also have two cats that seem to think that she is just another cat so they play and eat out of the same bowls a lot. One of our cats even insists on grooming Cocoa after every meal, and the weird thing is, is that Cocoa seems to enjoy being groomed almost as much as the cat enjoys doing it. Any suggestions you can give me would be very helpful because Cocoa has become a major addition to our family and I don't want to do something that might inadvertently hurt her.

Anita M.


Hi Anita,

I think you are doing just fine.... you might consider giving your little dog some of my Everyday Health supplement. You would then know she is getting the finest nutrition possible....Best luck with your new little friend.....

Chuck Kruger DVMX