June 10, 2014

I wrote an email to the Monks of New Skete regarding my 10 yr old German Shepherd female because I am a big fan and know they breed this type of dog. They encouraged me to email Dr. Kruger directly regarding my question or advice? She has had stomach troubles here entire life and it seems lately that they are increasing with her age. She has chronic diarrhea and her stomach rumbles loudly for two or three days straight. My family vet has done testing on her waste samples and said the food goes through her system so fast that she is not getting the nutrients and fats she needs. She used to be 89 lbs. and is now down to 59 lbs. Ihave tried cooking for her with boiled chicken, white rice, yogurt and he advised me to give her Pepto Bismol tablets to settle her tummy. I just want her golden years to be comfortable and worry about her Weight loss. She is extremely hyperactive active at age 10 and is German bred for police work. She is on 500 mg of Metronitizal and I have even tried a protein enzyme powder with expensive I/D vet food. That all seems to help a little but is "very expensive" on a monthly basis. Any suggestions for my girl would be greatly appreciated. She drinks a large amount of Water and is very happy in general. But her fluctuating stool consistency is concerning me, as is her weight loss. I wrote the monks because they breed shepherds and wanted to ask someone if this was common to the breed?

Lisa A., WA


Hi Lisa,

I think your dog is rather typical, of many GDS. I would lower the protein content in her food to no more than 24%, Feed a Lamb and Rice diet to start, and purchase a jar of my Everyday Health Formula Ultimate Supplement. You may use up to double the recommended dose. Give it some time...please e-mail me after two weeks on the supplement for further instructions....If you are not pleased with the supplement we will refund your money..

Chuck Kruger DVM