I hope you don't mind if l ask you a couple of questions. Ihave recently moved and my "new" vet is a country vet. That is not meant to be derogatory, but he will tell you that is what he is, just a simple country vet. I live in a very rural area now and have to figure out where to go to get a good breeder vet. I have formed a relationship with this vet so that if there is an emergency, I have someone close. With my Mega Puppy, he tested for MG and talked to an internist and said that the blood work indicates, the puppy may have MG. But this was beyond him, I should go to the university. I have figured out that I need to contact, Dr. G. Diane Shelton at the Companion Animal Diagnostics Section of the Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratories in San Diego, Ca. This puppy seems to be doing OK, growing. He is on your Everyday Health formula and dry food. The reason he is fed dry is that he eats too quickly when you wet it. Then he upchucks it. If we feed him dry, he rarely vomits. He does seem to vomit at nite more. Whether it is food or watery mucus, I don't know. I just see the stains. I have just started on liquid Tagament. He weighs about 15 lbs now. From what I read, he should get 15 cc's every 12 hours, is that right? And would Cisapride help him more? Any input would be appreciated. Also when he was about 6 weeks, I noticed a "clicking" sound. Now that sound is more like a slushing sound. I HATE that noise. He is about 9 weeks old now. He is feisty and growing. He did bloat at 7 1/2 weeks also. I gave him a natural bloat remedy and by the time I got to the vets, the gas was released. This puppy is going to drive me nuts! My other question is on a 10 month old bitch puppy we have. I have her on the Everyday Health formula. She starts off the day with hard stools, but as the day wears on, she ends up with mushy stools. This is because she is a high energy dog, to say the least. She is always bouncing off the walls of the kennel. Should I increase the "usual" dosage of the formula for her? A little of her past family history. Her mother has produced NOTHING but health problems in 90% of her puppies. (I do not own her mother, but she in now in a pet home). She produced heart problems, Mega, Bloat (at 14 months), you name it she produced it. We will never breed her, because of her family history, but we are just going to have some fun showing her and loving her. But because of the sibling’s health problems and her loose stools, I am more then concerned for her health and well being. Thanks for your time!

Jan I., Essex, IL


Hi Janet,

The dosage on the medicine is ok...I would increase the supplement by 5O%...The problem is self induced intestinal‘ motility...too active...she would possibly do better if she was like a house dog. These dogs hyperactivity can also be aggravated with high protein diet...cut her do to about a 20% protein...Let me know how this works...My best,

Chuck Kruger DVMX
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