I have a question about the ultimate supplement. It's sold by many for a certain price. It's recommended dosage is by ROUNDED teaspoons. Is it also SOLD by rounded . teaspoons or by LEVEL teaspoons? It seems it would be unfair to sell it by level teaspoons, as it would be impossible to compute how much one would need for a given period of time based on the amounts listed. It would run out long before it was expected to. I cannot afford this product for long periods of time, we are retired and on a fixed income. However, I would like to try it for getting a good coat back on a show dog and would like to know how it is actually measured for packaging.

Sue H., Middletown, OH


Hi Sue,

It is a rounded teaspoon for the Show Supplement. So I guess that means instead of 90 teaspoons you would have about 80 rounded teaspoons in the small jar. It Will cost you about 1/6th as much more. You will however be pleased with the results at twice the price....Remember if it does not work for you we give your money back!!! That’s as fair as anyone can be. Hope you get that great coat...

Chuck Kruger DVM

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