June 10, 2014

  • I have a year old retriever/springer mix, which was adopted from a local animal rescue group. Benjamin is a very sweet dog. He has a problem which is getting worse. He seems to have a type of heat rash. He has long hair. His belly and under his "armpits" get hot to the touch. He gets a rash, which looks like heat rash and he scratches a lot. He has scratched himself raw. The vet treated him for scabies (even though they couldn't find em.) Benjamin doesn‘t have fleas. We do live in Florida and it is hot and humid. He already eats recommended food and takes vitamins as prescribed by the vet. Is there any type of lotion or oil, something which I can rub on Benjamin to reduce the heat and ease the itching? Benjamin needs relief. When I have used Neosporin (over the counter antibiotic gel), Benjamin doesn't scratch. But l only use that when he is raw. What would you suggest? Sincerely,


  • Lisa B., Tampa, FL


  • Hi Lisa,

    It sounds to me like Ben has allergies complicated with a possible Staph infection. I would put him on Purina, CNM-HA...a prescription diet, and Treat him with Cephalaxin, an antibiotic, and put him on low doses of prednisolone, given every other day...The dosage level should be such that he gets relief. He probably is allergic to grass or something he lays on...bedding, etc. Some dogs do not produce enough cortisone to function normally and need a little to remain normal! I would suggest you also get a jar of my Healthy Skin and Coat formula and give it to Ben. I have had very good luck producing relief in very allergic dogs....It will also give him all the other benefits of proper health, and immunity. Good luck with are so nice to take on. I am sure he is a good guy!

    Chuck Kruger DVM