June 10, 2014

Hi Dr. Kruger,

I work at the Ken Roberts Company and I just got 2 new kittens, so I thought I would check out your web site and ask you a few questions. I would love to start the new kittens on your supplement. Right now they are both 6 weeks old. How young can they start eating it? And is it time now for shots/vaccinations and wonning? I read in your handbook for dogs that we can make our own shampoo for fleas, does this also work for cats or is it too strong? And finally, I was wondering how old they should be before I start putting those tick drops on their shoulders? Any information on cats that you have or could direct me to would be great! Thank you for your help.

Jessica Barnes


Hi Jessica,

To answer your questions: You can start them eating now...Canned mild 1/2 n 1/2 with water mixed With canned kitten food, make a gravy consistency so they can drink it. Use Iams cat food. Give the first Vax at 8 weeks and follow the schedule your vet advises. Worm them with NEMEX.... now. The flea shampoo is not too strong, rinse well. You can put the flea drops on at 3 to 4 months...Check them daily around the head and ears for ticks. Hope this answers your questions....good luck
with your new kittens.

Chuck Kruger DVM