I got my dog 2 years ago from a haven for abused animals. She is an American Eskimo and has come quite a long, long way. She is a very finicky eater and does not really eat that much. Currently she eats in the evening 4 TBS of Purina One dry dog food and one can of Mighty Dog. She seems to have stomach problems so I have started giving her a Tagamet before each mealtime. It has helped a little, but at nights when I rub her tummy and she’s not feeling well I can hear all her juices swishing and making noises in her stomach. I know she must not feel great. My question, will this help her digestion system at all? Does it come in the form of tablets? I give her 4 Pet Tabs each morning and she feels like she is really getting a treat. I would hate to stop that and sprinkle powder on her food that she would have no idea? Any suggestions if you don't have this in Tab form??

Hedie A. & Spinner, New Mexico


Hi Hedie,

You have two problems as I see it. The first and foremost is the health of your dog Spinner, and the second is your emotional relationship with your dog. First, the health issue: I do feel that the Everyday Health Supplement will help a dog with the problems you describe. The original formulation should be adequate for the intestinal care Spinner needs. If you use it, I would suggest you start slowly by adding only a small quantity AND BUILD UP TO A FULL OR NEAR FULL DOSE OVER A PERIOD OF SAY, 10 DAYS. THE SECOND ISSUE SEEMS TO ME TO BE YOUR DESIRE FOR SPINNER TO FEEL THAT YOU HAVE GIVEN HIM A TREAT. Would it not be possible for you to get some healthy doggy treats, say an all-natural biscuit for him? You could give him three or four small pieces to represent the pet tabs. I would not give a sensitive intestine too many vitamins, as this might cause some irritation. I hope this has been of help to you with these problems.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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