I like the product very much. I have been feeding Iams foods for several years and noticed a change when the company sold out to another company in the past year. My dogs seem to need more of the Iams food to maintain weight and I believe it has fewer calories per pound than it did. I also have problems with soft stools now that I never had before. I use the supplements as indicated on the package, that is 1 tsp. per cup of food. I have had continual serious loose stool problems with my female, Desi, who has a three week old litter. Mother and babies are doing fine but I concluded I was feeding her too much and cutting back by 1/3 seems to help. Thank you.

Mary Ann P.


Hi Mary Ann,

I have heard other people say they are getting soft stools with the New Iams. Why don’t you try Eukanuba for small pups? It makes the ideal food for a nursing mother.. Please let me know how it works.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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