I adopted a rescue dog from the pound about 2 months ago. She is about 6 months to 1 year old. (Chocolate Lab/Retriever Mix). She has a nasty habit of eating her feces (and maybe the feces of our other 2 dogs). I have tried to stop her without complete success. I try to pick up after all my dogs as soon as they relieve themselves. (It seems to me that she is trying to hide where she is going, like behind a bush or in ivy, where I might not see it as easily.) I just ordered your Everyday Health Supplement today; will this help correct this problem? Or do you have any other suggestions.

Mary I., California


Hi Mary,

You have a problem that is very common among dogs that have been neglected. The Everyday Health may help, as it will digest the food better and it should not be so attractive to the dog. Thanks for the question and PLEASE let me know how this turns out.

Charles Kruger, DVM
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