My German Shepherd used to weigh 75 lbs.; now she only weighs 56 lbs. She also had surgery one week ago for BLOAT; she is recovering fine. What type of food should I feed her? Can I make her homemade food? How often and how much should I feed her per day? She just turned 4 years of age yesterday; we want very much to have her live a happy, healthy life. Please Help!

Nishan A., Michigan


Hi Nishan,

You need to order some of my Everyday Health Supplement formula to help prevent another episode of the bloat or — even worse — two other intestinal conditions that could kill her. PLEASE order some and keep her on it faithfully the rest of her life. PLEASE read the handbook and it will give you more information. I would feed her three small meals a day. They should be very nutritious. Eukanuba Puppy food for small dogs would be good. If you cook at home cook, well-done oatmeal and about 1 pound of raw meat a day is good. Give my supplement and it will provide all the vitamins, minerals, etc. Your girl will need to get back to normal weight. If you are giving enzymes, you may continue to do so. The best meat will be lean hamburger or ground turkey. You want to keep the fat content rather low. Hope this helps. I would like to hear from you again.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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