We have a Jack Russell (male). This dog is always sick because he has problems with his darrn and stomach. Our vet says that the dog has the illness of Dr. Kolf (7). We already tried lamb and rice, chicken and rice, tapioca and rice, and now we give him goat and rice. What do you suggest?

Ian B., Netherlands


Hi Jan,

I am not quite sure what the darn is, but l think you mean Dr Cron’s disease. It is a very difficult disease to treat. The usual medicine is Prednisone over a long term. If you could get a jar of my Everyday Health Supplement, the Show Dog Formula, I think it would help your dog. We have used it on several dogs that are as you describe, and it has helped a lot. Please let me know if you can do this and let me know about the progress of your dog.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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