My female Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Emma, was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency a few years ago (she is now 6 years old). I’ve had her on a digestive enzyme supplement ever since, with fairly good results. Currently, she’s using Viokase. The problem is, she has developed a compulsive licking problem. It starts after she’s had a meal. She licks out her own bowl several times, and then my other corgi’s food bowl (after he’s finished, of course), then she licks the carpet and sometimes the sofa. I find dog hair and carpet fibers in her stools! It’s as if, after a meal, she can’t stop her mouth from Working. It’s getting worse. Our vet recommended a drug, Amitryptiline. I’ll try it for the 10 days he suggested, but I don’t like my dog on drugs, This seems to just be treating a symptom, not the problem itself. Perhaps it’s a deficiency in her diet, due to her pancreatitis? A couple of good friends, who also have corgis, recommended your product. Do you think it might help? Thanks for any advice or information you can

Debba S., California


Hi Debbie,

I would suggest you put your dog on some of my Everyday Health formula; give it 3 weeks to work. If this does not stop the problem, talk to your vet about Chlormipramine, which stops compulsive behavior. If the formula does not improve the state of your dog’s health, you can get your money back.

Charles Kruger, DVM
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