Dr. Kruger,

I am looking for information on how to care for geriatric dogs. Also, my dog has chronic pancreatitis and kidney stones. Are there any dietary do’s and don’ts I could use to control her disease?

Maria L., Florida


Hi Maria,

Older dogs in general need supplements just like older people whose tissues and organs are gradually wearing out. As deterioration starts supplements take over and fill the nutritional gaps. You should cut down on the fat content in the diet. Feed a low-fat dog food - read the labels, and keep the protein level below 25%. There are two kinds of kidney stones. Most do not grow when the urine is acidic, so it is usually wise to add vitamin C to the diet — for a small dog, 500 mg. morning and night; medium dogs, 1000 mg. twice a day; and large dogs, 2000 mg twice a day. This can irritate the stomach, so it should be given with food. Let the older dog have all the water she wants and get some of my Everyday Health formula and give her the correct amount each day. If she is lame for any reason add the Healthy Joint formula to the Everyday Health formula. Hope this helps.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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