June 10, 2014

My shepherd has been diagnosed with degenerate myelopathy. I have put him on Glucosamine/Chrodrotin, vitamin E, vitamin C, B-50 Complex, seameal and yucca. I know he may only have 1~3 months before he probably goes down. Do you have any suggestions to help and/or prolong, and which of your products would you recommend along with what I am not doing? Any information will be appreciated, as you know all our pets are our “children.” Thanks!

Jeannice C., Texas


Hi Jeannice,

I am very sorry your dog has gone into DM. I have been there several times myself and it is difficult to say the least. I think my Everyday Health formulation in addition to what you are doing would be my choice. In as much as DM is an auto immune reaction, the addition of a size-able dose of prednisolone, at least during the first stage, is warranted. Check with your vet. Good luck With this sad situation.

Charles Kruger, DVM