My 5 year old German shepherd and I are battling pancreatic insufficiency for a year now, supplementing with Prozyme and acidophilus, which is the best I have tried, but not good enough. She is still 10 pounds underweight and has many bouts with diarrhea. I am feeding rice, barley, potatoes, carrots, oats. She seems to absorb just enough to keep some energy going, but it hurts my heart and soul to see how skinny she is now. Please help us; any advise is appreciated. Thank you.

Traudel B., Florida


Hi Traudel,

It would be OK to feed her some lean hamburger, ground chicken, or turkey along with the grains. What you are doing is fine. I do think my Everyday Health supplement plays an important roll in allowing the essential nutrients to be absorbed. You might want to try some and continue with the additional Prozyme. If this does not improve the situation, you may have to get her actual pancreatic enzymes from the vet or from a health food store. Hope this helps you.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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