I have a 5 year old St. Poodle, female, intact. In March of 2000, she suffered from gastric torsion and had to have surgery; gastropexy, I believe is the proper term. Her spleen was fine and no other abnormalities were noted at that time. In June, she bloated again, at home while I was at work. She threw up water and I was able to get her relief with Maalox. In October she bloated again, at 2 A.M., after eating normally (3 small meals) that day. Her belly measurement Was 35 inches; she is normally at about 21-23 inches. She has had endoscopy, which revealed through biopsy, irritable bowel and a bacterial
overgrowth (helicobiactel). This was done in August and the vet suggested a large dose of Prednisone (4Omg. BID 14, then slowly decreased until off and on a homeopathic substitute by mid-October.) Even with the Prednisone tx. she bloated in October. She is now on several herbal combos and the homeopathic Dexamethasone substitute. We continue to have periodic bloating, only controlled with simethicone. She gets 1 large meal in the A.M. of cooked chicken thigh and white rice, Prozyme, and herbs and vitamin supplements, with Primadophillus and aloe vera gel. In the P.M., she eats a small (lcup total) meal of chicken and rice (home cooked) with the same additions except the Primadophillus and aloe. Currently, her hair is very thin (this dog was a show dog, and had a very thick coat) and her skin resembles that of someone who has been sunburned and is peeling. But the peeling is only occurring in the unshaved areas of her body. I have applied a lanolin rinse 2 times in the last month to help moisturize and protect the skin, which was also very thin from the Prednisone. Her most current serum chemistry shows all normal ranges. In the past, she was anemic and had very elevated liver enzymes. Maybe due to the prednisone? Any input you may have concerning current research developments in this area or your own personal experience With other afflicted dogs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Stacey S., Idaho


Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the great history on your dog. I will make this short and ask that you simply accept what my experience has taught me. Feed a natural diet as you can. Home cooking with balanced grain, protein (meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs) and some olive oil. To this add a full measure of my Everyday Health formula and I believe you will control the bloat and help the bowel syndrome. The coat should come in thick and of the correct texture. Please let me know how things turn out.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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