My 1 year old male Welsh corgi has suddenly developed diarrhea and digestive upset. After an exam with a vet he had no other problems, just his food seems to suddenly not agree with him. He still is hungry and Wants to eat, but the diarrhea is a worry for me. The breeder who raised him put your flyer in with his papers, and I was wondering if you could shed some light on what causes the diarrhea — if this is common among dogs, could it be a food allergy? What would you feed a dog that had this problem and what would your product do to help him?

Katherine C., Oregon


Hi Katherine,

Yes, my Everyday Health formula should help the diarrhea problem. Your dog may have a food allergy, so change the food to something with a different grain source and a different meat source. I know the dog will do great on the supplement.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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