My six year old chihauhau has GI distress after meals. His abdomen becomes distended and gaseous. He has had bouts of constipation. There has been no vomiting or diarrhea. This condition has been present since he was a puppy. Presently he will lean on the arm of a chair and raise his hind legs after eating. This provides some relief. Antacids & anti-gas medications have provided little/no relief. He will awaken from sleep as if he has heartburn. For the past 5-6 months sleeps with his tongue protruding from his mouth. Diagnostic testing has been negative. His diet presently consists of baby foods With boiled meats. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hope H, Pompano Beach


Hi Hope,

This is a very perplexing situation. I might first suggest you go back to your vet and have a series of barium X-rays done to trace the food through the stomach. It would appear there is some kind of cramping once there is food in the stomach. Have you tried giving tagemet prior to eating? There may be some rapid bacterial growth also. I think it would be worthwhile trying some of my Everyday Health formula with the food. You would have to use it for perhaps two weeks. If you try it please let me know, or if you have the X—rays taken I would like to hear of the results. Hope this gives you some new ideas.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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