I have a 6 yr old female (spayed) Pembroke Welsh Corgi who is eating Science Diet ID and takes Centrine (1/2 table every other day) for pancreatitus. She has been on this diet for over 4 years. I worry about giving her supplements. What effect will they have on the pancreatitus, does she need them, is the ID complete enough? I have to admit that I do not 100% limit her to the ID. She loves green beans so I give her some every meal and she gets about a 1/2 a teaspoon of fat free cottage cheese or yogurt once a day. So she is getting a few bites of "people food" but still gets over 90% from the ID. Her weight is good and she is very active and happy. She also has bad hips (had them x-rayed) and once in a while will limp or show tenderness to the touch How would your supplement work with the pancreatitus? I also have 3 other Pems 2 of which are in shows and I am looking something for all the "zoo".

Pat B, North Carolina


Hi Pat,

I think your animals would all benefit from the Everyday Health Formula or the High Performance Supplement and the one with HD would also benefit from the Healthy Joint formula in addition. The supplements often are a great deal of help to a pancreatic problem. Hope this helps you.

Charles Kruger, DVM

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