In the past six months we have lost a 3yr. old and a nine year old German shepherds suddenly. They said it was probably Clostridia perfringens. Although nothing cultured out we are very concerned for the rest of our dogs. Is there any vaccine available and is there more information on clostridial enterotoximia? We had our soil tested and it showed high levels of clostridia. They had been eating dirt off and on. Some have told us it is unusual for clostridia to cause sudden death. Is there anything else we can do to try and prevent loosing any other dogs? They are on your Everyday Health supplement, yogurt and a high quality food. Sorry if this is long but we are desperate to find out any information. We still have seven shepherds left and will do anything to prevent this from happening again. Again thank you for your time and help.

Julie, Tallula


Hi Julie,

The common name for Clostridial enterotoxemia is a term I coined Toxic Gut Syndrome. It occurs in other animals and humans. If you are in an area where there is obvious exposure to Clostridium, I would hope all your dogs are on the supplement. In fact I would give them maybe 1/2 more than normal just because they are probably getting new bacteria on a regular basis. The is no vaccine (bacterin) available for dogs. The sheep product causes a terrible reaction in the skin. It is very common for Clos. to cause a sudden death in GSDs, most likely related to the low enzyme production and the fraility of the immune system. At any rate you are doing the right thing. If by any chance you lose a dog while on the supplement please let me know. It would be the first one on record so far. I would also keep some Metranidazol 500mgm tablets on hand. At the first sign of any diarrhea, excessive belching, vomiting and intestinal tract symptoms especially while traveling or stressing the dogs give them 5 tablets immediately. This kills Clostridium quicker than anything else I know.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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