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I would think the shedding was normal (GSD's), but our whole pack had already blown prior to starting the supplement. 3 weeks later now we are blowing again. I went ahead and ordered the Puppy/Pregnancy formula, for the maiden bitch we have bred. I have been happy with the coat texture, and am hoping the blowing will pass. Also stools have been better, activity levels higher, etc. We even have "ear" looking better on a male pup slow to mature.

Kristi P, Georgia


Hi Kristi,

I am perplexed at what is going on here. Did you used any Frontline on these dogs for flea control? I have seen 2 dogs blow after Frontline when they had already shed?????? I am lost for an answer. Please keep me posted Kristi as to the progress of the hair growth, I am very interested to see what comes of this. I guess we learn something every day . I am pleased you are seeing the other positive side of supplementation. We attribute the increase in energy to the proper absorption of trace minerals that are so necessary to proper bodily function. This is one of then real positive aspects of this supplement. Please keep me posted. Thanks for the interesting question.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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