I was wondering if you have already discussed this thing you may call toxic gut syndrome? If so can I access the info? I have a 7 yr. Whippet that is constantly battling clostridial Perf. Over growth, having lived in a area that the soil and water supply may of been contaminated, Oregon. I now live in California. and this thing just seems to recur even after rounds of Metrinitazole. This same Whippet is about into her 6th week of recovery from a case of Immune mediated Hemolytic Anemia Thrombocytopenia. The onset was June 17th she had two blood transfusions and round the clock care for a Week at a vets. She was also coming into season when taken ill and we have just recently moved to this new place. Most of her life she suffers from on again off again diarrhea as I said before I have treated my whole pop. of dogs (8) with different antibiotids only for the symptoms to return. Every time it is a type of closridial overgrowth. I want to order some of your vitamin supplement, but want to make sure I order the right one, this whippet is extremely thin and still somewhat anemic, but her PCV was up to 39 from a low of 9%. Her billirubin is .09 down from 27.6 originally when she first got sick. Do you have any feeding recommendations to help her fully recover? I will appreciate any input.

Kristy K, Califomia


Hi Kristy,

Sounds like you have had your hands full. That anemia stuff is really hard to deal with. I am happy your dog is doing so well. My Everyday Health supplement would be great to help your dog recoup. The supplement should also control the chronic Clostridial diarrhea. I developed it for this problem. Good Luck, and PLEASE let me know how things work out with the supplement.

Chuck Kruger, DVM
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