June 10, 2014


I have an 8 year old lab mix named Kegan. She is black lab and border collie. During the past 18 months to two years she has had diarrhea. Not to go on with the entire history, I have a great vet and we have tried a number of different special foods from Purina like the HA, etc with no luck. She has had one bleeding episode, however it seemed to be a passing virus. She has been scoped and tested and no cancer. My vet feels it is food allergies which have manifested into irritable bowel syndrome. Different meds did not really help. At present she is on 10mg of Prednisone and 1000 mg of Sulfasalazin per day.

I originally heard about you from a MikeBolton@bigplanet.com when I was looking for help on the internet. He recommended California Natural Lamb/Rice only diet from Natural Pet Products and Dr. Krugers Everyday Health supplement. He also suggested no buiscuits, etc and no Milk Bones. The food diet did help and I include non-sugar Metamucil with her food and a some Missing Link products. The Metamucil helps to bind and the stools are loose, however somewhat formed, almost like sticky flour. The only other thing I give her is some American Cheese which I stuff in her bone and use for the pills which has not given any change. After she goes to the bathroom she seems very hungry. She gets me up a number of times during the night to go out to the bathroom. Her current weight is 40 lbs, which is at least 10 lbs. too low and I have been able to prevent her from losing any additional weight, however I have had no luck in her gaining any weight which is my goal. She currently eats aprox. 8 cups a day which I know is a lot. My vet wants me to take the dog to the University of Wisconsin in Madison for a second opinion as her spirits is great, her coat is good, she is energetic and attentive. The vet and I also think we are missing something, perhaps related to the pancreas or another organ. If I take the dog to Wisconsin they will run complete tests and do another endoscopy which I would like to avoid for the dog. I believe the majority of the blood work she has had over the past two years has been normal. I beleive no parasites as well. I would be happy to provide you with more details from this referral if it will help you to advise me. I am writing to you based on a conversation I had with one of your customer reps from the web site. Do you feel your product might help and if so would I use the normal product? Do you have any knowledge of a dog with a similar history to mine and were able to help? I care about this dog and all animals greatly and would do anything to help Kegan or any animal. Your advise and reply would be greatly appreciated.

Rob R., Highwood, Illinois


Hi Rob,

I have dealt with many dogs with your story. That, however does not mean the exact diagnoses are the same. I would advised that you have a comprehensive blood test run to check out the many types of allergies she may have...if indeed it is an allergy situation. There are several possibilities with these dogs. Why don't you try her on some of my Everyday Health Supplement and give her one month on it. If you see improvement gradually remove her from any other medication...this will tell the story. I will give you a full money back guarantee with your purchase, if you feel there is no improvement.There is another blood test that should be done. It is a TLI test that checks out the function of the pancreas. This is a very important test. Please get back to me and keep me posted on the progress.....thanks for the interesting situation.

Chuck Kruger DVM