I have a 4 year old part cocker spaniel, she has skin allergies. My vet recently told me that she has a bacterial infection and he has her on clavamox twice daily. She scratches all the time and she has red bumps around her mouth that she is constantly scratching. She is also constantly at her vaginal area licking, etc. The vet told me that this will be an ongoing treatment the rest of her life, and it is costing me a fortune. Every time I go in to see him, he tells me something different. I am not sure he knows exactly what is Wrong with her. Please advise on what other natural remedies I can try. I am desperate at this point.

Sydney G., Pennsylvania


Hi Sid,

Your questions bring to mind the possibility that your dog may have an auto-immune skin disease. This can be diagnosed with a skin biopsy. The dog also obviously has a bacterial infection. I would suggest you get some of my Healthy Skin and Coat formulation and put your dog on it, as we have had many dogs correct very severe skin conditions. I feel they respond due to the improvement in the immune system seen With my supplement. We are having very good luck treating auto immune conditions with it also. If you will give it a try and it does not work, we will gladly return your money. If you do choose to try the supplement, please let me know how things go. Thanks for the interesting question.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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