The Healthy Joint is a godsend and Mirabelle is racing around like a bunny. Her coat also looks healthier and it has only been about 1 week. She even loves the taste. Go figure. Now, I have a few more questions. The dogs are prone to skin allergies here and we have been giving them Lipiderrn for several years now. It does seem to be good for their coats, but it doesn’t seem to help with the itching. Is it necessary to continue with the Lipiderrn if the dogs are using your powder supplement? Will the supplement help with their allergies? Can I use the Healthy Joint supplement for my other dog, even though he doesn't suffer from inflammation, or do I need to get another additive for his diet? (Of course, it would be easier for me to give them both the same product at mealtime, but I want to do what is right.) Thank you for your help. I’m thrilled with the results so far.

Kathryn H., California


Hi Kathryn,

I am so happy you like the results so far. If you will give the Healthy Skin and Coat formula to the itching dogs, I think you will see some good results. Many are seeing great improvements with skin allergies. Give it a try and let me know. We will have a new formula out soon that will be a combination of the HS&C and Healthy Joint formulas. This should be perfect for dogs from 5 months to 500 years. Let me know how things are progressing.

Chuck Kruger, DVM

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